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garden watering made easy with XValve smart technology

If you struggle with a drippy tap, or have difficulty turning taps on or off, then XValve Garden taps are for you! Patented new technology has done away with washers so that you never have to worry about drips and water wastage again. The unique design of XValve Garden taps makes turning it off and on a breeze. You can control the flow with its easy turn technology using just a half turn each way.




why your taps are dripping

Traditional spindles are fitted into the seat of the tap and tightened with a spanner. The washers wear out and as water pressure fluctuates, eventually water pushes up past the washer and starts to drip. The harder you tighten the handle to stop the dripping, the problem escalates leading to a tap that sticks and wont budge - leaving a tap that still drips. This is the reason why you need to change washers because inevitably, they deteriorate over time.

XValve Washer free design

Washer free XValve Spindles are screwed down into the seat of the tap and Tightened with a spanner. Water pushes up to seal the tap providing a much better, water tight result. The higher the pressure, the better the seal. The spindle rotates and pushes down the piston to the let the water flow. There are no washers to fail, no dripping taps and no maintenance required!

Pictured Left: Garden Tap Conversion Assembly


Michael McCoy
Celebrity Endorsement

One of Australia's leading garden designers and author, endorses XValve garden taps as being a much needed improvement in tap design and performance.

He spends his days in gardens large and small, and is passionate about saving water. Unhappy about the constant washer failure that leads to dripping taps, XValve was the answer he was looking for.


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